Water butt bypass custom diverter only
Water butt bypass custom diverter only
Water butt bypass custom diverter only

Water butt bypass custom diverter only

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This special diverter is intended to fit a standard 65mm square or 68mm round downpipe that has been cut short and provide an inlet to a water butt and an overflow pipe that takes excess water to the drain or into the garden.

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If fitted to an ordinary water butt it should be fitted below its top to prevent overflow. An example of how the bypass diverter can be used can be found HERE. 

It can be installed just below the top of the water butt to provide an overflow when it is full. That water can be directed to a drain or elsewhere in your garden by adding a length of 25mm ID pipe to your order.

We include a reducer that allows you to connect the overflow to a standard hosepipe size. You can also purchase additional inlet or outlet pipe lengths if required.

This kit Includes:-

  • A modified diverter that fits 65mm square or 68mm round downpipe
  • 25mm to 13mm reducer to connect to a standard hosepipe size

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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Greer
Only one I could find on the net...

This was the only diverter I could find that has the overflow go into a hose outlet as we have no drain, it goes down the garden via a hose to another ground drain. Excellent from that point of view. The issue was that it was almost impossible to get the 25mm drain hose sold by Rainwater Terrace onto the outlet, I was having to work it so hard the glue that holds the outlet into the diverter body cracked. Hopefully it won't leak. Basically the barbs are too wide or the hose is too small. This was with soaking the hose in boiling water too. The 19mm water butt inlet part fitted fine into the inlet hose though.

exactly what I needed.

If you do not have a drain where you would like to site your waterbutt, this item will enable you to add a downpipe to the existing gutter.
It's well designed & made.
I have the overflow running in an 8metre 25mm pipe to a drain, hidden under some gravel.
After setting up the 227lt butt it was almost full after 3hours of very heavy rain.

Phil Taylor
Water butt connection

Compacted transition piece from guttering to barrel.👍