Water Butts


The largest range of water butts by Rainwater Terrace ® online including all compatible accessories, planters and drip irrigation kits.

The Rainwater Terrace water butt is a multi-award winning new concept in rainwater harvesting and storage which makes recycling valuable rainwater a joy and promotes grow your own sustainability.

This unique rain water butt design not only saves money by recycling and storing rainwater (up to 200 litres) per tower, it also has a number of advantages over and above conventional rainwater butts, such as:

  • Detachable, integrated planters for growing herbs, flowers, soft fruit and vegetables.

  • Through-flow of water prevents stagnation.

  • Modular construction adaptable to suit your space

  • Easy to assemble

  • Fill watering cans super-fast

  • Looks great - no need to hide away.

  • Available in different colour options

  • Compatible drip irrigation kits available.

Buy now and start recycling rainwater, saving money and growing your own fruits vegetables herbs and flowers!



January 02, 2020

Thinking about how to save more in 2020?  Harvesting natural, free flowing, fresh rainwater can save you bucket loads of cash! Use rainwater stored in a Rainwater-Terrace water butt and save money on your water bills! Fill the kettle with as much rainwater as you need then boil. Think how many times you boil it each day and the amount you'll save. Wash your car with the water from the tap in the water butt. Fresh rainwater doesn't leave streaks on the paintwork like treated tap water so it looks better and saves you cash. Our Rainwater-Terrace water butt planter can fill a watering can in 20 seconds. Water indoor plants all your round using the fresh rainwater collected in your water butt...

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Why buy a Rainwater-Terrace water butt and planter for Christmas?

December 22, 2019

With only 5 weeks til Christmas here's why a multi award winning Rainwater-Terrace waterbutt and planter should be at the top of your Christmas list: With unpredictable wet weather forecast this winter the Rainwater-Terrace modular tiered design and drainage pipe helps to slow down rainwater heading into your drain. Stores water for when you need it! The side and front planters on the waterbutt help to make your garden  look attractive even in the winter. It has rainwater fed side planters and you can plant the top tier to grow anything you like!  (We added a Xmas theme with holly, ivy and a dwarf conifer on top!). ho ho ho! .. Helps with growing water bills as it can reduce...

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