2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters
black water butt kit showing parts of water butt ready to be assembled including water butt stand and rainwater diverter
Cross section image showing how a Rainwater Terrace water butt works.
black 134 litre water butt with clip on planters connected to downpipe at the front of a red brick house
black 134 litre water butt connected to downpipe at front of house planted with flowers
black water butt with duck egg blue planters connected to downpipe on red brick new build house
girl filling up watering can with rainwater from black 134 litre water butt
2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters

2 Tier 134 Litre Water Butt With Planters

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This 2-tier Rainwater Terrace water butt diverts rainwater from your downpipe into the top container which then overflows through the whole tower filling each container whilst delivering water to the plants in the planters on the way, any excess is fed back into your drain. This flow of water keeps your stored water fresh.

The 2 tier 134 litre water butts come with 3 side planters and 1 top planter, additional side planters can be purchased if required.

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Drain tubes with built-in taps on each level indicate the amount of water stored and allow you to fill watering cans in seconds - no longer do you have to stand and wait!

There are detachable side planters with integrated wicks delivering water to the roots of the plants and encouraging growth. A large planter with capillary matting also sits on the roof of the top tier. These look fantastic with trailing flowers but can also be used to grow herbs or leafy salads for easy picking close to the house.

Requiring no special tools or complicated plumbing it’s very simple and quick to install, with full instructions.

It stands approximately 123 cm high including the top planter. Additional Rainwater Terraces can easily be linked together using a connector kit to increase your storage capacity.

Rainwater Terrace is a high-quality water butt built to last. Injection moulded in heavy gauge UV stable plastic; these strong durable components have excellent impact strength and are manufactured to perform in all weathers.

Included in the kit:

  • 2 x 67 Litre water containers
  • 1 x Plinth
  • 2 x Planter Trays
  • 1 x 2 Tier tube kit
  • 1 x Top Planter + 4 x Capillary mats
  • 3 x Side planters + 3 x Capillary mats
  • 1 x 2 Tier security kit
  • 1 x Outlet tube
  • 1 x rainwater diverter/adapter kit (from option selected)

You can join multiple units together to increase your storage capacity.
Please note that plants/compost are not included.

Adapter/Diverter information:

  • Standard rainwater diverter - fits standard downpipes 65mm square/68mm round
  • 40mm to 19mm adapter - fits over the outside of the 40mm/38mm/36mm downpipe
  • 50mm to 19mm adapter - fits inside a 50mm downpipe

Important note: greenhouses & conservatories may require the 40mm adapter or 50mm adapter option.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Easy to assemble, and the hose makes it really easy to fill up our watering cans. Have just planted herbs in the planters and they look great


The best water butt you'll ever buy! Using it is so quick and simple, no waiting around for the watering can to fill. Highly recommended

Lindsay Gray
Brilliant System

Can't tell you how pleased I am with my new Rainwater Terrace water butt. I planted up a succulent plant display as soon as the butt arrived and once it was all in place and fitted the display went on the top, looks amazing. Plan to get some colourful heucheras for the side planters. The system to fill watering cans etc is so quick, no hanging around at the water butt as water dribbles out of a tap. My old water butt has been relegated to a secondary 'filler' and will get used in emergencies only. How have I managed to garden for years without hearing about Rainwater Terrace, it was pure chance that I saw your details in a free magazine at my local garden centre, you need to be advertising more widely.

Dear Lindsay,

Thank you for you review, we love hearing from our customers and he are delighted to hear that you are happy with your water butt. All feedback we receive helps us with future developments for the Rainwater Terrace family of water butts.

Kind regards


deborah hidalgo
Great water butt! Clever design and very efficient!

Very clever design and can be made to look pretty too! Easy to assemble. The planters work really well!

Dear Deborah,

Thank you for your review on your recent Rainwater Terrace water butt purchase, we are delighted to hear you are happy with how your product went together, functions and looks.

We appreciate all feedback we receive from our valued customers.

Kind regards


G Waite
An excellent purchase

The Water butt is a very nifty piece of kit and because it can be decorated with plants it can be placed at the front of the house where the majority of the wall and hanging baskets are. It is quite large and so getting the right plants to mask it is important, but so far I am very pleased with it. The first day it was in place a passing couple came to compliment me on it and took an interest in it with a view to getting one themselves. I agree with the other reviewer's suggestion that a blanking plug should be provided for the unused drain tube hole in the base - I made one myself to do the job. Also, perhaps an option for a narrow planter to sit in front of the base and a means of fastening could be designed. This would enable more plants to be used to mask the butt.
I can also strongly recommend Rainwater Terrace, where I bought it from, for their excellent customer service.