Water butt side planters for Rainwater Terrace

Rainwater Terrace Side Planters 

Rainwater Terrace® side planters fit 1, 2 and 3 tier Rainwater Terrace® water butts

Each planter includes a capillary mat. These planters are also prefect for growing herbs on your windowsill.

Available in packs of 2,3,4,5,6

 Planter size 13cm x29cm x12cm  ( h x w x d)

  • Herbs not included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pat Lankshear
Nice colour

I have my Rainwater Terrace next to my front door and rotate planters with the seasons. In the cooler months the plants do not cover the terracotta coloured planters so having the option of the attractive duck egg blue ones is welcome.

Mark and Debbie Sutterby-Watts
Water butt's and planters

Fantastic idea, and super practical.
Nice on the eyes too.

Is it wrong to love a water butt?

Bought two additional planters to give it symmetry. Other than that it was perfect out of the box. I worried I didn’t have a tap to fill my watering can but I shouldn’t have. The technical team were brilliant at explaining how it works ( very clever) and told me it fills a watering can faster than a tap - and they were absolutely right.
I’d raised plants from seed to fill it and it looks better than I’d hoped.
I’m saving up for another one!!

Glynn Hudson
Spare planters - Continuous salads

The Rainwater terrace is great for a handy salad supply. I purchased the extra side planters so that I could sow multiple planters at different times to have a continuous supply of fresh salad. I just swap out a planter or two and sow a couple more planters and give them a good start in my small cold frame. This is better than waiting until all the salad has gone before I sow the next crop. The ultimate in easy crop rotation.

Glynn Hudson

Julian Humphreys
Added planters

Added more planters, only needed 2 so all good arrived promptly

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