Why don't people like traditional water butts?

Historically water butts haven't always had the best reputation with the image some people have of them. However here at Rainwater Terrace Water Butts we have designed our water butts with this in mind determined to give the humble water butt a new lease of life.

Some reasons why some people might not be fond of water butts include:

  1. Aesthetic Concerns: Some people find water butts unattractive and feel that they detract from the visual appeal of their outdoor space. With Rainwater Terrace this is not the case. Rainwater Terrace water butts are designed to enhance the outdoor space. All Rainwater Terrace water butts come with self-watering planters that can be used to create a beautiful display of trailing flowering plants

Black 200 Litre water butt planter with flowers

  1. Space Constraints: For individuals with limited outdoor space, a water butt may take up valuable room. They might prefer alternative water storage solutions that are more compact or hidden. Rainwater Terrace water butts are cubic and modular which means they can be built to fit the space available whilst also hosting self-watering planters which can be great for herbs, salad leaves, strawberries and other small edible plants. This can provide a vertical growing space for small gardens or yards.


  1. Maintenance Issues:Some individuals might perceive water butts as high-maintenance, either in terms of cleaning or dealing with potential issues like algae growth, blockages, overflowing concerns, smelly with a untidy appear ace. All these factors make water butts something that users would prefer to hide away behind a shed or garage out of sight to maintain the visual appeal of their garden or outdoor space. Rainwater Terrace water butts are designed with aesthetics in mind, featuring modern and stylish designs. Displaying them in a prominent place can enhance the overall visual appeal of your garden or outdoor space, turning a functional item into a decorative element. The patented through flow system of Rainwater Terrace water butts eliminates stagnation, reducing the need for maintenance, additionally all Rainwater Terrace water storage containers have a debris capturing matrix which helps to filter out debris from the rainwater.


  1. Perceived Inconvenience: People may view collecting rainwater as an extra step that complicates their gardening routine. They might find it more convenient to rely on tap water instead. All Rainwater Terrace water butts come with fast flow drain tube taps which fill watering cans in around 20 seconds which is much faster than the taps usually supplied with a standard water butt or even a mains tap for that matter. The water is pH-balanced and naturally chemical free so much better for your garden plants.


  1. Initial Cost: While water butts can save money in the long run by reducing water bills, some people may be deterred by the upfront cost of purchasing and installing a water butt. Rainwater Terrace water butts come as a complete kit this includes a matching stand, rainwater diverter, tubing to get you connected and a set of self-watering planters. With many water butts on the market rainwater diverters, tubing and water butt stands are all additional purchases to the water butt.


  1. Lack of Awareness: Some individuals might not fully understand the benefits of water butts, such as water conservation, cost savings, and environmental impact, and thus may not see the value in having one. With Rainwater Terrace water butts, not only are you helping the environment in many ways you have a water butt that is a pleasure to use with easy assembly, everything you need is in the box, helpful customer service, stylish modular design that can be placed in a prominent place which makes the system more convenient to use when it doesn't have to be hidden away out of sight.