The Ultimate Guide to Spring Planting with a Rainwater Terrace Water Butt!

Planting in a Rainwater Terrace water butt presents a unique opportunity to utilize a water source efficiently while also beautifying your surroundings. When planning what to plant in spring, consider plants that thrive in consistent moisture and can tolerate occasional periods of drought. Here are some suggestions:

annual and perennial plant selection to go in rainwater terrace water butt planters, the flowers are purple and white

Hedera: Ivy Mix Best trailing plant for foliage

Flowers: Such as nasturtiums, pansies, and calendula not only add color to your Rainwater Terrace water butt, but are also edible. They can be used to garnish salads or desserts. We tend to pick trailing varieties of the flowering plants that we use.

Strawberries: These delicious fruits do well in containers and hanging baskets. They require consistent moisture, making them suitable for a Rainwater Terrace water butt.

Fragrant Herbs: Consider adding herbs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme for their fragrance and culinary uses. They are well-suited to Rainwater Terrace water butt planters and can thrive with regular watering.

Nepeta 'Variegata': Try this beautiful variegated trailing leafy plant that thrives in Rainwater Terrace water butt planters so much so it will often reach the floor from the higher planter pods.

Trailing Petunia: A favorite of ours, no matter what colour you go for these beautiful flowering plants with cascade over the Rainwater Terrace planters and flower all season combined with regular dead heading, in drier periods these plants will need additional water.

Acorus-Ogon: These grassed flourish in Rainwater Terrace water butt planters adding colour and texture.

Juncus Spiralis: Another favorite of ours, these semi aquatic plants have amazing curly leaves that look fantastic all year round. They tolerate constant moisture and short live periods of drought. Corkscrew rush. An evergreen perennial forming a clump of corkscrew-like, spirally curled, leafless stems, occasionally with small clusters of brown flowers in summer. 

Carex: Frosted Curls: Another great grassy plant that adds height texture and colour to Rainwater Terrace planters.

Rainwater terrace 134 litre water butt with purple and white trailing flowers in spring and summer