The perfect gift for a garden lover this Christmas

A Rainwater Terrace water butt could be the perfect gift for the green fingered garden lover in your family from grandparents to dads this could be the Christmas gift for them.. Our water butts come in a huge range of sizes to suit what ever space you have available from 1 tier 67 litre capacity to 3 tier 200 litre water storage capacity.

All our water butts come with a set of clip on self watering planters which can be planted with trailing plants and flowers, grasses, herbs, salad vegetables bulbs and many more. 

Our Rainwater Terraces are much more than a "decorative" gardening addition they harvest and store rainwater direct from a downpipe connected to a roof/gutter which means as long as there has been some rain you will have a constantly renewed supply of free rainwater to use on your garden or house plants.

Not only does the Rainwater Terrace water butt function like no other water butt on the market with its patented through flow system keeping the rainwater fresh it looks great, so great that it can go at the front your house and look fantastic.