Reduce the risk of flooding with Rainwater Terrace

The multi award-winning Rainwater-Terrace has many benefits over other water butts and can now incorporate an attenuation system which slowly releases some of the stored rainwater back into residential drainage. At this time of year this can hold back some of the rainfall and help to reduce localised flooding.

For example:

500 residential houses each with one 3-Tier 200 litre Rainwater Terrace installed could potentially hold back 100,000 litres of rainwater
to be re-used when needed or to slowly re-enter the drainage system reducing overflow.


Working with the National Flood Forum Design 4 Plastics are already implementing our Rainwater-Terrace harvesting solution in and around Norfolk. It has been welcomed by residents who can, not only benefit from the rainwater storage capacity, but also to plant flowers, foods and herbs with the attractive top and side planter feature.

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