Rainwater-Terrace are working with The National Flood Forum to capture and slow down rainflow!

We are working closely with the National Flood Forum providing our award-winning Rainwater-Terrace to residential properties throughout the beautiful county of Norfolk.

Our Rainwater-Terrace waterbutts have the capacity to hold 134 litres in a 2 tier or 200 litres in a 3 tier design. This takes some of the excessive water delivered over periods of prolonged rainfall and reduces the flow down the drain which it is connected to.  

With heavy and persistent rainfall already battering the UK in November 2019, and with the devastating effects of flooding already experienced, its time to harness the valuable resource, slow it down and minimise the risk of water logging your own property.  

Ideally suited to small paved areas it can reduce water pooling and provide a colourful planted garden feature as well.

Available in different colours and sizes online. They make an ideal and unexpected present! Why wait? 

If you'd like to know more about our waterbutts and how they help call 01937 845176.