Rainwater Terrace® generates global interest

Design 4 Plastics has designed a new rainwater collection system that really intrigued me. While it’s not out on the market yet, I think it’s worth signing up to be notified when you can purchase them online.

This is a British product, so you’ll probably need to factor the international shipping into your budget. We can hope it becomes available in the states, however, simply because the product is rather ingenious.

As you can see, the Rainwater Terrace is completely modular. You can stack multiples together if you want to, creating an entire garden wall display. Note the overflow that sends water back down the drain if the barrel gets too full. This is a nice feature, as it means you don’t have to disconnect your rainwater collection system just to go on vacation, and there’s no danger that the system will send any water to your foundations.

The ability to plant herbs and flowers that will turn your rain barrel into a nice garden feature also struck me as a really ingenious solution as well. You won’t even have to move some of your garden water to some of your plants. The system also seems to keep the water flowing pretty nicely, which means there’s less of a chance for it to develop algae or to house mosquitoes. I’m looking forward to seeing this product in action, and in seeing how well it actually interacts with gutters of all types.