Preparing a site to install a water butt

To Install a water butt we recommend that each water butt is installed on a solid level base an example of this is a 60cm x 60cm paving slab.


For this site the gravel was not suitable ground to place a water butt on so we dug down to the hardcore, levelled it off and removed any sharp stones. 

The paving slab has been adjusted until it is level on the solid hardcore underneath then backfilled with the gravel to the edges.

The finished site is now ready for the water butt to be installed. The base is a 60cm x 60cm paving stone which is the perfect size for the Rainwater Terrace water butt stand.
We state that a solid level base is important for all our water butts as when full of water soil and plants a 3 tier 200 litre water butt can weigh 250kg 1/4 tonne.
The instructions on how to install the water butt and prepare the site are available here.