Planting an Autumn water butt

As the weather gets colder we planted a selection of plants that will look great through Autumn and into Winter. We find it helpful to take a water butt planter along to the garden centre to help judge how may plants we will need.

Once we have all our plants we lay them out and then place them into the water butt planters in their pots to get a layout we are happy with before we start planting the new plants into the the water butt planters.


 This is what we have chosen to plant:

  • Heuchera - Palace Purple
  • Uncinia - Rubra
  • Pansy - Premier F1
  • Carex - Comans Brinze
  • Lavender - Vera
  • Cerastium - Tomentosum
  • Santolina - Lemon Fizz
  • Carex - Flagellifera
  • Carex - Comans Green
  • Ivy - Hedera Genus

Once we are happy with how the planting display looks all the plants are carefully planted in the clip on planters with a multi-purpose compost. Dont forget to put the capillary mats provided into the planters green/grey side up before adding the compost.

The finished result, a water butt that looks fantastic where ever you choose to put it. This example is placed at the front of a property.