Our favourite Autumn plants for water butt planters

We love planting Rainwater Terrace water butts for the Autumn Winter season but its often hard to find a good mixture of plants to add texture height and colour on cold dark days.Autumn water butt planter ideas

Some of our firm favorites are :-

Pansy spectacular pure rose (a lovely deep purple pink bloom)

Heuchera melting fire

Hedera golden kolibri

Carex comans bronze

Hedera saggitifolia

Cyclamen green leaf

Autumn fern

Acorus Ogon

Carex frosted curls

Cordyline australis

Juncus spiralis

Plants that thrive over the winter in Rainwater Terrace planters are Acorus ogon which is is a perennial aquatic plant with sword-like leaves, This striking leafy plant does well in a wet environment which makes an ideal companion for our water butt planters. We find the Acorus will also thrive the following season through the summer as long as the planters are not allowed to fully dry out should we have periods of no rain. Acorus is a nearly effortless landscape plant to grow. Plant it in full sun to partial shade, in a location that is moist to constantly wet. It often performs its best right at the edge of a pond or stream.

Acorus in water butt suds planter

Juncus spiralis looks fantastic in water butt planters its unusual curly leaves add texture and interest all year round. Juncus Spiralis  is a cultivar of the soft rush, Juncus effusus. It is an evergreen perennial plant that forms a clump of corkscrew-like, spirally curled, leafless stems. It is a popular ornamental grass that can be grown in permanently moist, acidic soil in sun or partial shade. It can also be grown in very shallow water at pool margins this is perfect for water butt planters that may be wetter over the Autumn and Winter months so a perfect choice for your planters.

Juncus Spiralis in water butt planter