Low maintenance water butts designed to save you time.

Here at Rainwater Terrace we know how important it is to save rainwater, we also know that saving time in the garden is very important as well, thats why we designed our water butts with this in mind. Our water butts are designed to make it easier to collect and use rainwater without requiring frequent attention or upkeep.

black water butt in the snow that doesnt need to be drained when its freezing

Here are some features our low maintenance water butt has:

  • Lid or Cover: A secure lid or cover helps keep debris, insects, and animals out of the water, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance. It also prevents evaporation and keeps the water clean
  • Durable Material: Rainwater Terrace water butts are made from durable  UV-stable high-quality polypropylene which is less likely to degrade or require replacement over time.
  • Overflow and Drainage: Rainwater Terrace water butts have a well-designed overflow and throughflow system that ensures the excess rainwater can safely exit the butt during heavy rainfall, preventing damage to the butt and the surrounding area.
  • Easy Installation: Rainwater Terrace water butts are simple and straightforward  to install,  fast flow drain tube taps, make it easy to access and use the collected rainwater without the need for fiddly taps.
  • Self-Cleaning Design: Our tiered water storage containers have a self-cleaning mechanism, a matrix of ribs at the base of each container trap debris as the rainwater filters through the system which helps keep the water clean and minimize maintenance. With Rainwater Terrace water butts the water in the bottom container will be the cleanest which is great for  houseplants.
  •  Algae Prevention: Algae growth can be a common issue in water butts. Rainwater Terrace is low maintenance it incorporates a through flow system which flushes out old rainwater replacing it with new rainwater each time it rains which inhibits algae growth, reducing the need for cleaning.
  • Water safety: All our water butts have built-in safety measures, each water storage container in the stack has its own sealed lid which reduces the chances of insects or small animals getting into the main body of water.
  • Flexability: Hosepipe adapters can be added to all Rainwater Terrace water butts to water plants near by and can even be used during a hosepipe ban. We always recommend attaching a hosepipe adapter to the highest water storage container to get maximum pressure for the water travelling down the hosepipe.
  • Winter Ready: All Rainwater Terrace water butts are made from high grade UV stable plastic which is designed to withstand freezing temperatures meaning unlike most water butts you are not required to drain our water butts in the winter months. This drastically reduces winter maintenance and ensures that you have fresh rainwater to use for indoor and outdoor watering as well as car washing or outdoor cleaning jobs all year round.
  • Self watering planters: Rainwater Terrace has space for several clip on planters as well as a large planter that sits on the top, as long as rain has flowed through the system these planters are watered from water stored in hidden reservoirs between the water storage containers so require little or no maintenance. 

Rainwater Terrace is designed to keep maintenance minimal, properly maintained water butts can save water and reduce your reliance on mains water for outdoor tasks.