School Starter Kit: 1 Tier Rainwater Terrace Water Butt With Planters (134 Litre)

  • Start saving rainwater in your school garden with a 134 litre Rainwater Terrace water butt. Included are a set of child proof clips preventing removal of the water storage container lids along with wall mount security brackets.

    This 1-tier water butt by Rainwater Terrace diverts rainwater from your downpipe into the water container then cascades through an internal over flow back to the drain, this flow of water keeps your stored water sweet. The 1 tier water butt stand approximately 84cm high including planters which is a great height for young children to interact with the whole tower delivering water to the plants on the way and any excess is fed back into your drain. 

  • Drain tubes with built-in taps on each level indicate the amount of water stored and allow you to fill watering cans in seconds - no longer do you have to stand and wait!

    There are detachable side planters with integrated wicks delivering water to the roots of the plants and encouraging growth. A large planter with capillary matting also sits on the roof of the top tier. These look fantastic with trailing flowers, but can also be used to grow herbs or leafy salads for easy picking close to the house.

    Requiring no special tools or complicated plumbing it’s very simple and quick to install, with full instructions, and comes complete with a diverter which fits standard plastic down pipes (68mm round & 65mm Square). 

    The 1 Tier Rainwater Terrace water butt holds 134 Litres of rainwater (the same as the 2 tier Rainwater Terrace) but only stands 1 unit high (84 cm  approx including planters). Additional  units can be joined together using the Rainwater Terrace water butt linking kit.

    Rainwater Terrace is a high quality water butt built to last. Injection moulded in heavy gauge UV stable plastic; these strong durable components have excellent impact strength and are manufactured to perform in all weathers.

    Rainwater Terrace 134 litre water butt Includes:

      • 2 x 67 Litre water containers
      • 2 x Planter trays
      • 2 x Plinth
      • 1 x 1 Tier tube kit
      • 4 x Planter
      • 4 x Planter capillary mat
      • 1 x Top planter (top planter comes in black only)
      • 8 x Top planter capillary mat
      • 1 x Standard rainwater diverter kit (FITS 68mm ROUND or 65mm SQUARE DOWN PIPE.)
      • 2 x 1 Tier security kit ( including childproof lid clips and wall mount bracket.)
      • 1 x Outlet Tube

    Please Note: Plants/compost are not included

  • Assembly instructions can be found HERE

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