1 Tier Double 134L Water Butt With Planters by Rainwater Terrace

  • Start saving water now with a 134 litre Rainwater Terrace water butt.

    The 1 Tier Rainwater Terrace rain water butt holds 134 Litres of rainwater (the same as the 2 tier Rainwater Terrace) but only stands 1 unit high (84 cm approx. including planters)

  • This configuration connects 2 single rainwater terrace rain water containers which expand horizontally, these units are perfect next to a *conservatory or greenhouse so not to block windows and light.

    Included in the kit

      • 2 x 67 Litre water container
      • 2 x Plinth
      • 2 x Planter Tray
      • 2 x Top Planter + Capillary mats
      • 4 x Side planter + Capillary mats
      • 1 x Connector tube kit
      • 1 x Drain tube (tap) kit
      • 1 x Outlet tube
      • 1 x Standard black rainwater diverter kit (FITS 68mm ROUND or 65mm SQUARE DOWN PIPE.) 

      *(Greenhouses & conservatories may need different rainwater diverters if the downpipe is smaller or larger than 68mm round or 65mm square standard downpipe) We have 40mm water butt adapters available HERE and 50mm downpipe adapters available HERE

      You can join multiple units together to increase your storage capacity.

      . Please Note: Plants/compost are not included

    • Assembly instructions can be found HERE

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