Guttermate Rainwater Diverter

  • If you suffer from moss/leaf build up on your roof GutterMate Rainwater Diverter may be what you need to connect your Rainwater Terrace

    Downpipe sizes it will fit.

    • 68mm, 76mm and 80mm Round
    • 65mm and 75mm Square
    • Plus adapter to fit  square downpipes that have brackets that fit close to the wall.
  • This advanced rainwater diverter filters all the rainwater before it enters the Rainwater Terrace,  the drain or soak-away and will fit a greater variety of downpipe sizes.

    Standard rain water diverters do not filter the water and can get blocked up with moss and debris from your gutters. Once blocked, cleaning a standard rainwater diverter is not easy, as you will have to remove the downpipe to access the diverter. 

    The GutterMate collects this debris in a filter which is easily removed for cleaning without tools in about 30 seconds. Remember to check this regularly as it is surprising how much debris there can be.

    Eliminates the need for a strainer in the gutter at the top of your downpipe which is a major cause of blocked gutters and all the problems that can cause. Also alleviates  problems with homes that are prone to blocked up soak-aways.

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