Drip Irrigation Kit for Rainwater Terrace Water Butts

  • Micro drip irrigation kit suitable for all Rainwater Terrace water butts.

    The micro drip irrigation kit will use rain water from your rainwater terrace to water plants, planters, pots and greenhouses. This irrigation kits is perfect for holiday watering as well as keeping patio pots and planters well hydrated through the summer months. The system can be left running or turned on and off with a flow valve. If you are wanting to slowly empty the top container ready for the next rain fall this system will always ensure there is space for more rainwater to enter the system.

  • Position the drippers in pots or run tubing to boarders in your garden.

    Starting furthest away, cut lengths of hose to daisy-chain them together. Leave a little slack in case you want to move them in the future. There are also a couple of T-connectors to give you the flexibility to go both sides of your Rainwater Terrace water butt. Use the bungs and a bit of hose to close the ends.

    Run the hose to your Rainwater Terrace and fit the 4mm adapter on the end. Fit the hosepipe adapter to the highest container to get maximum pressure.

    Micro drip irrigation kit includes:

    • 1 x Hosepipe connector kit
    • 10 x Adjustable Shrubler spikes
    • 1 x Connector 3/4 inch BSP to 4mm Barb
    • 1 x Filter foam
    • 1 x 10 metres of 4mm micro hose
    • 4 x End bungs
    • 2 x Tee connectors
  • Download the INSTALLATION CHECKLIST here

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