Water Butt Installation Checklist

Do you have a suitable location next to a rainwater downpipe for a Rainwater Terrace water butt?

Do you have a solid, level surface for your Rainwater Terrace water butt to stand on?

There can be considerable weight when full so it is important that it does not stand on soft or unstable ground. If in doubt you should install a paving slab (60cm x 60cm) for it to stand on and make sure it is completely level.

When joining 2 Rainwater Terrace water butts together they must be on exactly the same level for them to function properly. If this is not possible they can still use a single downpipe by fitting a “Y” shape connector to feed them independently.

Do you need longer inlet and outlet pipes?

Sometimes you might want to use a downpipe that is just round the corner of your house. Longer tubes are available. (1, 2 and 3 metres) that you can cut to the length you need. See our extension tube kits HERE

What is your downpipe like?

The most common by far are plastic either 68mm round or 65mm square. The standard Diverter we supply will fit both these.

If yours is different to this you can buy an upgraded “Gutter Mate” diverter that fits 68mm to 80mm round pipes and 65mm to 75mm square pipe.

What is the bottom of your downpipe like?

There are at least 3 different types. We provide the means to connect the outlet tube back into the drain.

(see assembly instructions HERE)

Do you have problems with moss and debris in your gutters?

You can upgrade to a “Gutter Mate” diverter that filters the water. This  can be emptied easily and minimises the risk of your soak-aways getting bunged up.