With only 5 weeks til Christmas here's why a multi award winning Rainwater-Terrace waterbutt and planter should be at the top of your Christmas list:

  • With unpredictable wet weather forecast this winter the Rainwater-Terrace modular tiered design and drainage pipe helps to slow down rainwater heading into your drain. Stores water for when you need it!
  • The side and front planters on the waterbutt help to make your garden  look attractive even in the winter. It has rainwater fed side planters and you can plant the top tier to grow anything you like!  (We added a Xmas theme with holly, ivy and a dwarf conifer on top!). ho ho ho! ..
  • Helps with growing water bills as it can reduce your long term water costs. You can make use of the natural rainwater resource and reduce water waste by reusing on floor mopping, car washing, cleaning, plant feeding!
  • Delivered to you or directly to your recipient next day if ordered before 2pm. 
All suggestions welcome on why to buy and how to use the rainwater collected in your water butt! We've even attached a printable list below for you to use to make sure you get what you really want this Christmas! 

Sarah Brayshaw
Sarah Brayshaw