Water butts for schools

Rainwater Terrace water butts are modular rainwater harvesting and storage units, the design enables the self contained units to be stacked vertically up to 3 units high and expanded horizontally to suit the space available. This flexibility makes these water butts a great solution for educational rainwater harvesting accompanied with the Rainwater Terrace's patented throughflow and growing system.134 litre school water butt with green planters

We work alongside the National Flood Forum as well as several water authorities to install water butts in schools.

water butt with linking kit for schools holding 268 litres of water

It is not only great for the environment to be harvesting rainwater to use on school gardens but a great educational activity for the children to be involved in during lessons.

600 litre above ground rainwater harvesting system for schools



Sarah Brayshaw
Sarah Brayshaw