See what our customers think of Rainwater Terrace water butts

At Rainwater Terrace water butts, we really are really proud of our water butt and all the prestigious awards it has won. 

We know everything there is to know about the Rainwater Terrace water butt because we also designed it. We think its great but dont take our word for it see just a few of our 5 star reviews from our customers.

200 litre black water butt with girl and watering can


"Two tier water butt with planters

The rainwater butt arrived on time sturdily packaged with a straight forward set of instructions to get it installation started. The butt has had its first in-flow of rain which has filled the top tier and overflowed to partly fill the lower tier. The planters look really good now filled with a mix of flowering plants, although the top planting tray isn't very deep so the larger plant that I had for the centre of the tray was left in its pot and the rest of the plants fitted around it. The tubes for filling watering cans work really well providing a rapid water flow."


"Brilliant rain collection without the risk of overflowing

Really pleased with our rainwater terrace, assembly was straightforward, although I did not have the strength to attach the drain tubes, my other half managed. We’ve had a lot of rain since and it’s great to know we have water for the garden without having to worry if it will overflow. Still need to plant it up, but already looks great as is"


"Great Water Butt planter

This was dispatched quickly and I have just connected it and planted it up. it is very easy to assemble and with all the rain we have had I can say that it all works well. Looks great at the front of the house which means I no longer have to carry my watering can through the house to water the plants in the front garden."



"2 Tier Water Butt - Looks Great!


Excellent delivery response and packaging. Very pleased with the ease of assembly and general robustness of the materials used. Have populated the planters and are looking forward to a winter display in a very functional water butt. Nothing but praise for the response by Rainwater Terrace to a sticking valve on one drain tube. A satisfying experience from start to finish."


"My Third Rainwater Terrace

I love These Water butts; they are very functional providing efficient collection of rainwater from the out buildings in my garden but also providing planters so that I can surround the butt with beautiful plants and flowers. The collected rainwater waters the plants saving time. I like the method of accessing the water; the watering can fills so quickly. I am very pleased."


"Excellent product happy customer two years later!!!!

This is a review two years later! However when just been planting up and we are so pleased with the way the product has stayed looking like we have just purchased it. We use it constantly and it has never stopped working the way it should do i.e. water remains clean and clear doesn't block up. The plastic although situated in hot sun (when it shines) still looks as good as new not faded at all!
We made the purchase at the Harrogate Flower show and took a long while to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase. So pleased we did. We are hoping to fit another in at some stage.Thank you for such a great design."


There are so many positive comments about the Rainwater Terrace water butt from our customer we have narrowed it down to the top 5 things that our customers love about this water butt


  • It looks great at the front of a house, we hear this so many times that they have finally found a water butt they are happy to place on view at the front of their house.
  • That the system is expandable and customisable to the space available, we have a lot of repeat customers who add more to their original water butt purchase.
  • The planters look great, although our planters are compact you can grow a lot of flowers, herbs, salad leaves or small fruits in them. The self watering feature ensures that the planters stay watered as long as some rain has flowed through the system.
  • The drain tube taps fill up watering cans so fast! The taps on our water butt are not really taps at all they are large bore tubes with a control valve so water flows out with no restriction when filling watering cans and our customers love this.
  • Our customer service is the best! We are a small company but take each order and email seriously we aim to do everything in our power to ensure orders are dispatched quickly and that any queries are dealt with by our knowledgeable customer service team who all own and use the Rainwater Terrace water butt so they know exactly how to help.





Our environmental, multi-award winning Rainwater-Terrace water butt and planters not only store valuable rainwater for re-use, they are also 100% recyclable!

- Many parts are re-manufactured from recycled materials

- It keeps collected rainwater fresh for reuse when you need it and is built to last.

- It's a British product manufactured in Yorkshire!

- Save rainwater and save money on your water bills.

- Suitable for commercial and residential use, including schools.

- Price starts from as low as £80.


Find out more contact us on 01937 845176.




Water butts that look great at the front of a house

When installing a water butt we often look for places that are hidden away for example behind a shed or greenhouse or down the side of a garage out of sight, this often means that the water butt and its store of fresh rainwater is simply forgotten about.

Rainwater Terrace water butts address this issue, our water butts look great installed or a patio or at the front of a property, they can be made in to a stunning feature by planting them with cascading trailing greenery and flowers.

water butt at the front of a house with planters and trailing flowers

Try planting up with plants that you would usually plant in a hanging basket such as :-

Lobelia richardii,

Petunia – trailing,


Cape daisies,

Begonia – trailing,

Pelargonium – Ivy leaf,


Creeping Jenny,

Dichondra 'Silver Falls’

Verbena, Fuchsia – trailing

Regular dead heading with ensure flowering all summer long keeping the water butt planters looking fantastic.

Top selling UK water butt 2017

Rainwater Terrace water butt is a modular system which can be built up to a size, capacity and shape to suit the end user. Our best selling water butt changes from month to month but a present we have a long standing favourite which since the beginning of 2017 has been a popular choice with all customers.

New colour black & dark green is a favourite amongst gardeners across the UK

top selling uk water butt 2017



See how a Rainwater Terrace water butt works

Follow the flow of rainwater from 1-8 as the water butt fills up and then overflows back to the drain once full.

The through flow of water keeps your stored rainwater fresh.

Water butt diagram by rainwater terrace

Are you paying to water your garden?

It sounds crazy but you could be paying too much to water your garden. The average UK household bill for water has crept up to £393 per year. Much of this water is actually used outside to water plants,lawns and wash cars.

Most people don't know that if you install a water butt you can do all this for free, the savings soon mount up if you are watering hanging baskets, containers and garden boarders on a regular basis. A water butt can fill up over night with a good downpour, this water can then be used over the following week to keep plants well hydrated.

Rainwater Terrace water butts are simple to assemble and install, they look great too so they do not need to be hidden away. water butts that look great by rainwater terrace

Why you need a water butt

Rainwater is the best thing for our gardens, its natural, what our gardens are used to and best of all it is free!

With water meters being rolled out across the country and the price of water rising installing a water butt is a great investment. With Rainwater Terrace water buts not only are you saving valuable rainwater but you can create a stunning flower display or mini grow your own plot right on your doorstep. Rainwater Terrace really is the modern stylish way to save rainwater at home.


The stylish water but for your patio

No longer do you need to hide your water butt away behind your shed; out of site out of mind. You can have your Rainwater Terrace water butt standing proud on your patio within easy reach for watering hanging baskets, containers, garden plants and indoor plants.

Rainwater Terrace water butts have some clever features which make them fun & easy to use as well as practical additions to any garden.

  • The unique over flow system means that old rainwater is pushed out back down the drain when new rainwater enters the system meaning your water is always fresh.
  • Planters are self-watering and detachable meaning that they are easy to remove to replant or take inside to trim herbs from.
  • The clever flexible drain tubes allow you to fill a watering can in seconds no longer do you have to stand and wait for a slow leaky water butt tap.
  • The complete modular system lets you expand your rainwater saving capacity to suit your requirements. The modules can be put together to suit different sizes and shapes it is a totally customisable rainwater saving system.

Designed and manufactured in the UK you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product, all parts are made out of tough heavy gauge UV stable plastic suitable for all weather conditions.


 We have a shape size and colour of water butt to suit you.... 

a stylish water butt to suit a patio available in multuple sizes from 67 litres to 500 litres

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