STOCKISTS WANTED for our Rainwater-Terrace, multi award winning waterbutt/planter combined.

water butt stockists wanted
Are you a retailer looking for a new, in demand, high value, high margin product?
We are looking for STOCKISTS of our multi-award winning, unique patented, Rainwater-Terrace waterbutt / planter combined.  We designed it in 2013 and manufacture it from our premises in Wetherby, Yorkshire, and offer a choice of colours and combinations. We can drop ship to your customers or to your depot, ensuring you do not need to store stock on site taking up valuable space.
Our rainwater harvesting solution solves lots of problems for your customers including saving them money on water bills, providing rainwater when needed, saving time gardening / watering plants as it has incorporated planters. It's also made from 100% recyclable materials and is guaranteed.  

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Give us a call on 01937 845176 or email: to find out more.

Sarah Brayshaw
Sarah Brayshaw


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Keith Marshalll
Keith Marshalll

February 28, 2020

Although we are not a garden centre or retail outlet we are looking into adding an online shop to our webpage with products that we believe fit in with our companies sustainable ethos.

I’m interested to know more about the product and margins etc.

I have to ask how many other online retailers will this be sold to?
Because obviously if it hits Amazon jo public won’t buy through us, unless we can price under them and compete.

This may also sit well with our sustainable garden design service , because rainwater harvesting is mention on our page.

Please have a look at us and see if we are a fit with your product .

Keith Marshall

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