In remembrance - Bright red poppies are our flower focus for November

November's flower focus is on the bright and beautiful Poppy in Remembrance of those who gave so much! We captured an amazing display on our way to Great Ayton in North Yorkshire and have shared this as inspiration.

We've provided a guide on the best time to plant Poppy seeds:

You can sow poppy seeds directly into your Rainwater-Terrace planters in spring or autumn. Ideally by planting them early in the year, from March to May, you'll have an amazing display for the following summer. They they take time to grow and flourish but are worth the wait. Once planted you can forget about them as they will be receive the water they need from your water-butt.  

You can also plant them from October to November but you wont see the benefit of their late colour until the following year - around Remembrance Day in early November. 

Sarah Brayshaw
Sarah Brayshaw