Thinking about how to save more in 2020?

Harvesting natural, free flowing, fresh rainwater can save you bucket loads of cash!

Use rainwater stored in a Rainwater-Terrace water butt and save money on your water bills!

  • Fill the kettle with as much rainwater as you need then boil. Think how many times you boil it each day and the amount you'll save.
  • Wash your car with the water from the tap in the water butt. Fresh rainwater doesn't leave streaks on the paintwork like treated tap water so it looks better and saves you cash.
  • Our Rainwater-Terrace water butt planter can fill a watering can in 20 seconds. Water indoor plants all your round using the fresh rainwater collected in your water butt rather than the treated tap water and they'll thank you for it and bloom.
  • Watering outdoor plants manually instead of using sprinklers in the summer months can save you 33% of your annual water bill!
  • Use the fresh rainwater to steam your vegetables when cooking! It soon adds up to a large saving when you consider how many meals you cook in  a year! 

Installing a water butt can save up to 5,000 litres of water a year!

Take advantage of special offers and sales to get an even better return on your investment.