Rainwater-Terrace is an ideal educational resource for children in schools and nurseries

We offer a Rainwater-Terrace harvesting and growing kit aimed at getting children actively involved in planting and growing whilst recycling rainwater.

It’s easy to build and fun to use, encouraging children of all ages to get busy in the school garden!

The multi award winning rainwater storage and plant growing solution is ideal for children to get their hands dirty whilst they learn through experience about how plants and food grow and the importance of collecting and re-using rainwater. 

It’s an ideal product for children of all ages to explore the scientific requirements  through growing plants and vegetables while collecting and storing fresh rainwater to be used in the garden. Some schools already use their Rainwater-Terraces to successfully grow food for the lunchtime salad bar whilst another has been growing strawberries as part of a controlled investigation, devising a fair test as required by the National Curriculum.

We have had glowing feedback from school garden clubs, eco monitors, head teachers, parents via PTA’s and the student voice of School Councils.


We offer delivery and assembly options.

We have a School Gardening Project kit which includes free side planters. 


For more information please email us on: keith.bell@design4plastics.com

Telephone 01937 845176.